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Empathy Through Art is excited to present a series of creative events for our Alzheimer’s and Dementia Project Series. Our Art of Mind opening reception highlights how we use the creative mediums to create empathy and build community for those impacted by dementia in our communities. We hope to see you at our future events!

Empathy Through Art has partnered with the Dementia Alliance of North Carolina as our main partner for this project series. For each event, we have partnered with additional local organizations to create experiences that connect directly with our community members to help create empathy and build community around the topic. 

Scroll down to see how you can attend or sponsor each event.

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Art of Mind
(Event Completed)

Sponsorships still available:
Video Sponsors, Art Print Sponsors

Art of Mind was a visual art exhibit with over 50 pieces of art from both local and national artists exploring the topics of Alzheimer’s, dementia, and mental health.  This multi-media exhibit featured paintings, lithographs, paper cutting, sculpture, music, video, poetry, and more.

The opening reception drew almost 200 people who experienced the exhibit as well as eight local performances and live art creation.  The audience also created art based on the topic “making connections and find joy.” 

  • Location:  Imurj, the Artists’ Cafe

  • Date:  May 3rd             

  • Attendance:  ~200

  • Additional Partners: Imurj and A Place at the Table

  • Goal:  Collect a portfolio of dementia related work
    Bring the community together around the issue
    Provide a safe space for Artists and community members to tell their stories

  • Creations:  Visual and performance art, video recap, audience art


Conversations Through Art
(Event Completed)

Available Sponsorships starting at $250:
Video Sponsors


Conversations Through Art will use art and music from Art of Mind to start conversations about how we can make our community more dementia friendly.  Instead of listening to a panel of speakers, attendees will begin the evening by taking the time to explore art and music related to dementia.  Each piece will have a related question on how our community can be more dementia friendly. 

Then, over a family-style, shared dinner, each table will address one of these key questions.  Facilitators will help keep the conversation going and inclusive to all.  At the end of the meal, thoughts will be shared with the rest of the room.  To wrap up the evening, attendees will partake in an art activity to express their thoughts and feelings from the evening.  The outcomes will be shared with the community and used by the Dementia Alliance in their upcoming strategic planning process.

  • Location:  Hunt Library, NC State University, Raleigh, NC

  • Date:  July 10th        Attendance:  ~30

  • Additional Partners: Institute for Emerging Issues (IEI)

  • Goal:  Create a safe space for community conversations on dementia
    Identify the characteristics of a dementia friendly community
    Provide recommendations for building a dementia friendly community

  • Creations:  Video recap, audience art, IEI blog post and brief


Venture Cafe Spotlight
(Event Completed)


Empathy Through Art will be presenting at Venture Cafe’s Thursday Gathering on July 25th in Winston-Salem to share this Project Series. Venture Cafe brings together innovators and entrepreneurs in the Triad, NC to network, collaborate, and build an innovation ecosystem. Together with the Dementia Alliance of NC and Creative Aging Network of NC, we will share our work to-date with Venture Cafe’s innovation ecosystem and host an interactive art activity.

  • Location:  Bailey Power Plant, Winston-Salem, NC

  • Date:  July 25th        Attendance:  ~50

  • Additional Partners: Venture Cafe and Creative Aging Network of NC

  • Goal:  Share our Project Series with the broader Triad Region
    Highlight Dementia Alliance and Creative Aging Network’s work in the region
    Highlight how Art can be used as a tool for entrepreneurs and start-ups

  • Creations:  Video recap, audience art and music

Creative Connections:
An Arts Camp for Caregivers and Their Loved Ones with Dementia

Available Sponsorships:
Event Sponsors, Video Sponsors

This Creative Arts Camp provides a safe and fun space for caregivers and their loved ones with dementia to engage in creative self-expression, while socializing and learning something new. Caregivers and their loved ones will attend the event together and, after a brief introduction, split up to work on different creative projects. This provides caregivers with a brief respite while knowing their loved ones are close by and cared for. They also get to spend time with other caregivers, share stories, and simply relax. Everyone will come back together for lunch before switching activities and then, at the end of the day, come together again to share their work. Each day focuses on a different creative medium, including music & dance, visual art, and natural art (horticulture). Community members are welcome to sign up for multiple days. Registration is $10 per pair. To register, contact Lia Miller, Creative Aging Network-NC executive director at 336-253-0856 or lia@can-nc.org.

Creative Aging Network’s Visual Art Program

Creative Aging Network’s Visual Art Program

  • Location:  Creative Aging Network’s Bell Campus, 2400 Summit Ave, Greensboro, NC

  • Date:  TBD        Attendance:  ~75

  • Additional Partners: Creative Aging Network of NC

  • Goal:  Provide a safe space for elderly with dementia to partake in the Arts
    Provide caregivers with a short respite and time to relax
    Help caregivers and their loved ones share experiences through Art

  • Creations:  Video recap, audience art and music


Available Sponsorships:
Event Sponsors, Video Sponsors


Empathy Through Art has partnered with the Dementia Alliance of North Carolina and Imurj - The Artists' Cafe to host an Art-a-thon – an event that bridges artistic expression and charitable giving. Teams of 4-5 artists are tasked with producing multimedia art performances in a Hack-A-Thon style format. The teams’ creations will articulate the challenges of dementia in our communities.

Join us from 6-9pm on September 28th at Imurj in Raleigh, NC to experience multimedia art and live performances. A $10 suggested donation at the door gets you 10 tickets to vote on your favorite creation and helps us raise $ for the Dementia Alliance of NC. The team with the most impactful performance, that receives the most tickets will win a prize package from various community sponsors.

Empathy Through Art Magazine
Issue #1: Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Available Sponsorships:
Individual Story Sponsors, Full Magazine Sponsor


Throughout this project series, Empathy Through Art is collecting art, stories, photos, and more from each of these events. These will be used to create an online and print magazine that highlight’s Alzheimer’s and Dementia and their impact on our communities. The gallery above shows some of the work we’ve collected to date.

We have sponsorship opportunities for both individual magazine stories and the magazine as a whole.

Project Series Celebration

Available Sponsorships:
Event, Art Prints, and Video Sponsors

To close out this project series, Empathy Through Art will host an interactive Art event that will bring together local artists, highlight our work throughout the year, feature art, music, and more from our project series, launch our magazine, and bring the community together for dancing and hands-on art activities.

  • Location:  TBD

  • Date:  October (date TBD)         Attendance:  ~300

  • Additional Partners: TBD

  • Goal:  Recap our project series
    Celebrate our shared successes
    Launch our magazine

  • Creations:  Video recap, audience art and music

Behind the scenes photos from our project to-date.